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MobiScribe GoWrap

MobiScribe GoWrap

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The MobiScribe GoWrap is the perfect companion for the Origin. It's made from silicone and wraps right around your MobiScribe Origin. It acts as a bumper and even holds your stylus for you wherever you go! 

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

I use this notebook for my business meetings and conferences and it has been a great switch over from regular notebokks. This product surprisingly retains the experience of writing on a notebook but with the perks of having a digital platform. I love that I can easily carry, store, and access my notes all in one lightweight device. In addition, you can also upload the notes to their app, the Mobicloud, to access the notes on your phone. The interface works well for my purposes and is very easy to use. One note to make is on occasion there is a bit of a lag in loading my notes when it comes to switching between full-screen and minimizing the toolbar. This is not too big of a deal for my purposes but something to consider if you need to switch quickly between minimizing the toolbar. I usually have to minimize it because I'm left-handed so sometimes I accidentally press on one of the tool icons while I'm writing, so I usually minimize it. This may not be an issue if you're right handed. One perk of this whole situation for left-handers though is NO MORE PEN SMUDGES ON YOUR HAND!!! The screen size works for me because I prefer a smaller sized writing notebook. If you like big notebooks, I would get that one other brand, the Remarkable, also if you're willing to pay more. I really like the different layouts they have to write notes but have mostly used the lined paper layout. I have yet to utilize some other functions, such as converting your writing to text. I still have more to play around with but am loving my experience so far. Overall, I love the MobiScribe and would highly recommend it to others!

Juan Cazares
love it!

I work in construction and I've had the original first edition mobilescribe for a while now and use it for quick notes, Mi original case is already damaged and replaced it with the GOWRAP and it fits it well and love it.
Wish mobiscribe sell screen protector for my little mobiscribe tablet.

Dan Mechley
Nice Addition

I do like the Go Wrap. However, it needs to be made so it's tighter fitting. To easy to pull off or accidentally come off as is. Also, the pen holder could be improved. It falls out easily when bumped currently. May need to be more full coverage or a full pocket insert.

Robert Lahmann

MobiScribe GoWrap

Cameron Stevens

There's something seriously wrong with this world when TWO cannot find there way here and the one I PAID FOR is in transit STILL.