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Refurbished Original Mobiscribe

Refurbished Original Mobiscribe

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The Original e-Note Companion

  • 6.8” Touch Screen
  • Embedded Front Light
  • Ample 1GB Memory
  • Expandable Storage
  • 8oz/ 132 x 175 x 9.8mm

What's Included:

  • 1 Original Mobiscribe
  • 1 Stylus
  • 1 Cover

Please Note** This is a Refurbished device. By purchasing this, you are acknowledging and accepting that it has been used and may show slight signs of wear. 

The Original Mobiscribe does NOT have OCR, is not fully supported by MobiScribe, and may not be as stable as the newer model. This device is excellent for basic taking notes and reading epubs. 

Discounts cannot be used on Refurbished devices. Sale is Final 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Guinevere Gibbs
Great e-notebook!

This is an amazing little product, I am very happy with my Mobiscribe and will be purchasing again from this company!

Scott Farrell
Great price and product

Looking forward to using it

Minviluz Gerardino

Works fine but the system runs really slow. I love the sleekness and its lightweight but the overall performance is disappointing because it responds too slow.

Happy find

I ordered this on thursday of last week and was surprised it arrived monday. I live on opposite coast. I have been using it alot for the last two days. I thought it was just a digital notebook and pdf reader but i found i could download kindle and get books. I was able to access the internet just fine. I use my phone as a hotspot and connected easily. The kindle app is slow and sometimes i have to try to download a few times but once the book is downloaded it reads great. Any pdf file i want to read i just send it to my kindle app and read it on my mobi through kindle>. I have noticed if i try to download a pdf from online it gets stuck in que alot and wont download so downloading on my cell phone and sending it to kindle to read on mobi works better. But your not going to buy this version for extensive pdf sharing you would want a newer model. For89$ its a great price and the fact it came with a cute case and pen is nice.i watched a video on youtube on all the features like taking a screenshot. I bought it merely to use as a notebook for my workbooks but am happy to find added features. Greatful to find it for basic notebooking considering my other digital notebook options start around 300$. If you order i would recommend adding on replacement pen tips. I dont need them yet but just came on to check out the price in case i do. Didnt think of it at the time. I had extra paperlike and cut it to size to put on my mobi to add texture to the screen but it may wear out the tips faster. I like how it writes with it on.

Robert Glascock
No internet access

It's so outdated it can't get on the inter3