If your Origin is in good to excellent condition, you may qualify for our trade-in program! You are guaranteed to receive at least a $70 trade credit if we accept your initial trade request. Once we receive your Origin, we will evaluate the device and assign a credit ranging from $70 to $120, depending on the condition. This credit will be refunded to your card if you have already purchased the WAVE, or we will send you an email with a gift card to use when purchasing the WAVE. 

**We are only accepting the first 200 devices for this first trade-in program. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the device to our warehouse. You will be responsible for return shipping if you do not wish to accept the credit value once assessed. Currently only available to US Origin Users.** 

How It Works

1. Using the Form below, upload two photos of the Origin. The first of the front with the device powered on and the screen light on. A second photo of the back of the origin.

2. Within 2 to 4 business days, you will receive and email letting you know if we accept your trade-in request with the necessary information on where to send your Origin.

3. Once we receive your Origin, it could take up to a week to process your trade-in; once we have, you will receive another email with the trade-in value offer. Respond to this email letting us know if you accept the offer and will receive the credit within 24 hours.

4. Order you new WAVE!