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Verry happy

I'm verry happy with the wave. Exept the switch app icon. Wich is not available in the note app

Case is great

I was worried about the case from the reviews, but it’s perfect. It holds the pen, stays closed and I carry in my purse or laptop bag with other items and it’s holding up fine. It seems to do what it was intended for!

Great purchase!

I love the writing feel, ability to keep multiple notebooks or to-do. I can carry it everywhere for all my journaling and note taking needs!


I have been a Mobiscribe fan since the very first model and have also purchased the Origin as well. The Wave is a disappointment because it seems to be of a lower quality product than the Origin. There are numerous functions and features that were do-able with the Origin that is now lacking on the Wave. With the Origin, I am able to plug it into my computer and transfer files directly to the device; the Wave does not seem to allow that. Unlike the Origin, the Wave does not allow us to choose our own images for the sleep or off screen. My biggest gripe with the Wave is how parts of my template are hidden under the top and side menu bars. Sure, I can expand it to full screen but then lose all the functional options from the menu bars. Using the same template, this does not happen with the Origin. With the Origin, the full template image is presented within the frame, not being covered up by the top and side menus. I am also disappointed that I cannot get the Google Play Store on either device. Besides the water resistant and bigger size of the Wave, I had expected it to be more advanced than the Origin but that does not seem to be the case. Unless, there are things I am unaware of…if that’s the case, please direct me to any additional information available.

Love the device but needs software update

I really like the hardware but the software needs to be updated. My Origin is still more productive because of its ability to connect with MS Office apps via Google Play Store. Also battery life could be better. For the price though a good deal.

Fast delivery, missing item

I got the parcel delivered within a week of ordering, and it came from within EU so no customs fees. Although it's refurbished, it looks great and works like it too. However, I found that the cover that was supposed to be included was missing. I notified MobiScribe support, and they were kind enough to ship it to me free of charge. Unfortunately, it was sent from the US and I had to pay just under 5 € of customs fees, whereas if I got it straight away in my first delivered parcel, I would not have had to pay these extra 5 €. All in all, I am satisfied with the main product and the service I got, not so much with the cover though, since it looks a little bent on the corners, but that seems to be an issue for many buyers.

Worth Every Penny

I came VERY close to purchasing the Amazon Kindle Scribe for nearly $500. I was just about to hit the last button when I decided to watch some review videos. I had hoped Amazon resolved some of the issues I noticed the month before, but they hadn't. I decided not to purchase it.

A few hours later, I saw an IG ad for MobiScribe. I recognized the brand from its previous days on Amazon and decided to look into them. I ordered mine and got it faster than they said I would. I have been in love with it ever since. I have twice the features for a fraction of the cost of a Kindle Scribe, and I still get the reader + the writing in one. It is a little laggy, but I suspect the developers will resolve that in upcoming updates.


I really love this device, especially with the google play update. I wish it supported the notion app! Of course it came out after android 8... I love this device but I think the hardware specs could really use a bit more power at times. Those are my only two issues. It is a real pleasure to use.

Loving it...

I bought the Mibiscribe original. I absolutely love it. Being and eReader and writer lover, this device is perfect.

Very poor multilanguage experience, very poor customer support experience

I bought this product 14 days ago and I’m still trying to make it work properly, as its features promise.
I can’t change the language of an external keyboard, because the system stops working and shows the message “settings has stopped working”.
I’ve contacted support many times and sent videos of the problem it takes two days to come back with some general answer like reset the device or try to reset it to factory settings (and it’s just out of the box).
After several emails and days of waiting they have told me that “probably the device has problems to change the language of an external keyboard”.
But they don’t offer any kind of solution and appeal to my kindness and patience.
I’m asking for a proper solution or a complete refund and still waiting for an answer.

Have had some issues, no response from service team

Hello, I have had a few software issues that I sent your service team but have not heard a response back.
1) The mobiscribe reader is not working, it is stuck on the first page of books and only allow writing and no other selection. Kindle works fine, but the embedded eReader is non-functional right now.
2) My mobiscribe does not respond to finger touch which I believe it is supposed to, it only responds to the stencil

Both of these issues are pretty large software deficiencies that probably warrant me sending the device back. Otherwise it has worked fine as a note taker and through the kindle app, although I would have preferred the stencil be magnetic.

Great e-notebook!

This is an amazing little product, I am very happy with my Mobiscribe and will be purchasing again from this company!

Refurbished Origin E-ink Notebook

Mobiscribe Cover
James Dunning

Nothing special

A Pricey Replacement for Pen and Paper

… but I love it. I’m working to incorporate it into every aspect of my life- business, personal business, scratch pad, doodles, calendar. I love that I can download my Kindle books on it which is the main reason I chose this brand. The learning curve is shallow. It is a little laggy sometimes between apps and docs, but quick when I am actually writing. It was a lot to pay for this device and it’s not fancy, but it is what I expected. If you want a central place to manage your written life, this is it. That’s what I wanted. I do think it needs a cover and I’m looking forward to its arrival in March. The stylus doesn’t attach to the device and I’m a little concerned that I might lose it.

Great Hardware, looking forward to future software updates

A great piece of hardware. I love the writing experience and the portable size! The software needs updating and the battery runs down a little quickly but hopefully that can be improved with software updates.

almost perfect

very good writing experience. very good support for the 3rd party apps (with known limitations). the only thing which i miss are the navigation buttons- hardware or software- which would make navigation in the apps easier. Now in the apps (like Pocket or Guardian) I need to scroll - which is not the best solution on eink devices- buttons to flip the pages in all apps would be very useful.

This is actually pretty cool. This is my first e-ink tablet and I really like it.

It does seem tend to crash if I work it too hard, but I read that that has always been an issue and it’s really not a problem with most casual use. The pen is a little small and isn’t magnetic and, I’d also wish I could control the “warmth” of the light, but for the price I don’t think you can beat it!

Great product writing is smooth, text is clear and sharp and the refresh option are awesome.

Poor instructions on how to use it

Not Good

The Origin E-ink Notebook
Simple and no distractions

I wanted a simple note and writing tablet without multiple apps to distract me. This is bare bones writing with some ebook reading. Fits what I want.

Stylus didn't arrive

I ordered the concrete stylus 14 days ago, but it didn't arrive yet. So no feedback possible. Still hoping it will arrive soon.

Hello! We are sorry to hear you have not received the stylus yet. It shipped on the 23rd, and since it is shipping internationally, it can take longer. Please email so we can help track it and ensure it will get to you. Thank you.

MobiScribe Wave - Black & White

Refurbished Origin E-ink Notebook

It's Great

This is a nice upgrade from my previous ereader. I like the size, as it is convenient yet still provides plenty of space for notetaking. There are not so many apps, but what is provided seem to cover my needs. It is a useful device, especially for academic reading, as you can mark up the pages. It feels like pencil on paper when writing, and the stylus works well. I am still on my first charge after several days. I like it.