Springtime Ideas for Writers

Springtime Ideas for Writers

Spring is here. The flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing songs again. Ahhhh...the wonderful sights and sounds of springtime. It is a time of rejuvenation and a reset from a cold, long winter season. Because spring is a rebirth of nature and ushers in so many new activities and events for human civilizations around the globe, the dawn of spring is an awesome time for writers to unleash their creativity and be inspired by the magnificence of it all. But, before a writer can get the creative juices flowing (and way before a pen writes on paper), a writer should do a few things first to properly get into the mindset for springtime wordsmithing. So, here are some springtime writing ideas that will give an extra boost to your writing skills and compositions.

1. Conducive Writing Environment

OK, so we all know one must be in a conducive environment to write. Hence, why so many writers go to remote places to compose novels. However, most of us don't have the time or resources to take a 6+ months hiatus to write a book. But, we do have the ability to organize better our writing area to make it a more favorable/inspirational space for writing greatness. For instance, be sure to have a clutter-free desk and a tidy immediate work area. Also, be sure to have the lighting and decor around your writing area be to your liking. So, if your best writing ideas are inspired while taking a walk down a tree-lined path in the woods, then have at least one poster or picture on the wall in your writing space conveying that mood and theme, or better yet, go to your favorite outdoors area (a park bench, sandy beach, French coffee shop) to start your writing adventure.

2. Get Tactile. 

Use a writing instrument that you are comfortable with. Oftentimes authors prefer to brainstorm ideas and compose story plots and rough drafts with a pen on paper. The free flow of ideas from hand to pen is a more pleasant writing experience than typing on a keyboard for many. The MobiScribe Origin e-notepad amazingly provides the same look and feel with its e-Ink and e-Paper as a standard ink pen on paper does. Furthermore, the MobiScribe Origin digitizes your handwriting so you can easily convert it to text font later, which is a massive time saver for many writers.

3. Don't Just Write, Read Too.

As you walk around during a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon getting story plot ideas or subject matter for your next big blog post, remember to take time during your day to read. The more you read, the better a writer you will be. It is always beneficial to see how other writers compose and present ideas, plots, and stories with the magic of written words. One can learn how to be a more proficient writer by reading great literature from authors of the past and by today's contemporaries. (Note that the MobiScribe Origin can be loaded with thousands of e-books, so when you take a break from writing your next masterpiece on the MobiScribe, you can easily switch to reading a book to stimulate your writing creativity or to simply slip away into another world while laying on the grass under a shade tree).

4. Review the Basics.

We all know that in order to build a solid structure, it needs a solid foundation. And this is also true of solid writing. In order to write well, you need to have first mastered the basics of sentence structure and grammar, for example. Take time every spring season to review the basics of writing, so dust off your old English 101 textbook (if you still have it) and refresh yourself with composition fundamentals. When you submit your next manuscript, you don't want it cluttered with comma splices, improper pronoun usage, or too many adverbs. It is of interest to note that the American novelist, Henry James, famously once said, "Adjectives are the sugar of literature and adverbs the salt."

5. Now Go Do It.

Now that you have a springtime writer's mindset with ideas on how to improve your writing methods, go grab your sunglasses, and your MobiScribe, then head out your front door and go get inspired so you can inspire others with the words you write. 

Have fun writing in the sun :-) 

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