A Quick Look at the New MobiScribe WAVE Features

Keep Your Ideas Flowing with
MobiScribe Wave

The New MobiScribe WAVE is IPX7 Waterproof Certified.

Better than paper or conventional tablets, this device works everywhere you want to go, and no more worrying if you spill your drink while taking notes.

Bluetooth Enabled

Now you can pair any other device that uses Bluetooth. Such as keyboards, speakers, headphones, and more!

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Built in Internal Speaker

Play a podcast, listen to audiobooks or receive calendar alarms with the new internal built-in speaker.

Layers in Notes

Now you can add layers to your notes. Layers help you organize your notes or add depth to your drawings.

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Experience More on a Larger Screen with MobiScribe WAVE

More Space to Write

Upgrade your note-taking game with the new MobiScribe WAVE e-ink notebook. With its larger 7.8-inch screen, you can now enjoy a more spacious and immersive writing experience, making note-taking and sketching easier and more enjoyable than ever.

With its lightweight and portable design, you can take it with you anywhere and continue your work on-the-go.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of a bigger canvas, and unlock your full creative potential. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

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Convert Handwriting to Text

Transform Your Handwritten Notes to Digital Text with MobiScribe WAVE

Make the most out of your note-taking experience with the MobiScribe e-ink notebook. With its advanced handwriting recognition technology, you can effortlessly convert your handwritten notes and to digital text.

MobiScribe provides you with the convenience and efficiency of digital note-taking while retaining the natural writing experience of pen and paper.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual note-taking and unlock the full potential of your handwritten notes with the MobiScribe WAVE. Our technology works with a variety of languages and writing styles.

• Supports cursive and print characters
• Share your notes via email or dropbox

Search Handwritten Notes

Effortlessly Find What You Need with MobiScribe WAVE's Handwritten Notes Search

Tired of flipping through pages of handwritten notes to find what you're looking for? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience with the MobiScribe WAVE's advanced handwritten notes search.

Our handwriting recognition technology makes it easy to search for specific words or phrases in your handwritten notes, just like you would in a digital document. Simply type in your search query and the MobiScribe WAVE will find all instances of the term in your notes, making it easier than ever to find what you need.

Stay on Top of Your Schedule with MobiScribe WAVE's New Reminders and Alerts

Upgraded Calendar

The MobiScribe WAVE e-ink notebook just got even better with its latest feature update – now you can add reminders and alerts to your calendar entries!

With the MobiScribe WAVE's intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, setting up reminders and alerts has never been easier. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to productivity with the MobiScribe WAVE's new reminder and alert feature.

New & Improved Template Options

The MobiScribe WAVE e-ink notebook just got even better with its new feature – now you can customize your digital notebook covers like never before! Add some personality and style to your note-taking experience.

With the MobiScribe WAVE, you can easily choose from a variety of designs and options to create your own unique notes.

Upgrade your note-taking experience with the MobiScribe WAVE's new digital notebook cover customization options. Try it today and create a notebook cover that reflects your unique style.

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Optimize & Organize Your Notes

Leave all creative clutter behind with MobiScribe. The MobiScribe WAVE's Folder Management System allows you to easily save, organize, and rename your notes, giving you quick and easy access to the information you need. With this feature, you can create folders for different subjects, projects, or clients, and easily move notes from one folder to another.

Access Your Files with Ease

Use the MobiScribe WAVE to access the documents you need, no matter where they're stored. Dropbox and MobiCloud are supported through the MobiScribe WAVE, so you can get to your files in seconds.

Add Color to Your Life

Are you looking for a device that is not only functional but stylish too? Look no further than the new Blue Mobiscribe WAVE.


MobiScribe Origin

Launched in 2021, a 6.8-inch device with ORC to convert your handwriting to text and allows you to easily search your notes!

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MobiScribe WAVE Black & White

Our newest launch, a 7.8-inch device, has everything the Origin has, plus it is waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, and has speakers and layers in the notes app!

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MobiScribe WAVE - Color

This version of the WAVE is also 7.8 inches and has the addition of a color screen! It has everything the Origin has but is also waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, has speakers and has the upgraded notes app with layers!

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