The MobiScribe Origin Takes
E-Ink Tablets To The Next Level.

Multiple Light Modes

Handwriting to Text

Real-Time Collaboration

Sync in Cloud, Send in Email

Optimize &
Organize Note-taking

It’s time to leave this creative clutter behind with the MobiScribe Origin. Write your notes using our natural feeling
e-ink design and keep them all in one organized, searchable, sharable place that doesn’t waste paper and never loses an idea.

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MobiScribe Features:

Search Handwritten Notes

Tired of looking for the notes from the meeting a few weeks ago? Make your next note a MobiScribe Origin note, one that you will never lose and can even search for when you need it! Search your handwritten notes right in MobiScribe and put your thumbing though pages days behind you.

Handwriting to Text

Do you write notes and cross your fingers that people can read them? Not anymore! MobiScribe will transcribe your handwritten notes to text so you can share your ideas with confidence. Don’t worry about that quirky handwriting; your MobiScribe transcribes without judgement and promises not to laugh at your weird capital letters.

Real-Time Collaborative Shared White Board

The new Origin allows you to share and collaborate with up to eight screens from across the room or across the globe. Now you can find out which ideas really are brilliant, and buff them to a glossy shine with the help of friends, before debuting them to the world.

Sync in Cloud, Send in Email

The new MobiScribe Origin knows that the cloud is where the cool information likes to hang out. You can now sync your handwritten notes in the cloud and send them in email effortlessly. Now you can find out which ideas really are brilliant, and buff them to a glossy shine with the help of friends, before debuting them to the world.

Are You Ready?

To change the way you take and store notes, draw and doodle, and organize your thoughts.

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"An absolutely fantastic writing experience!"

"The notebook itself and the pen combined together, they give this truly unmatched pressure sensitivity, precision, and responsiveness." - My Deep Guide

The MobiScribe Origin

The Origin E-ink Notebook


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The Origin E-ink Notebook: Included Items with The Origin E-ink Notebook: ORIGIN x1 Stylus x1 Stylus Tips x3 The MobiScribe Origin provides a natural writing and drawing experience with...

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The Origin E-ink Notebook

MobiScribe Origin - E-Ink Tablet

The Mobiscribe e-ink tablet, A multi-function tablet that allows you to read, write, and organize on one device, the Mobiscribe is the wave of the future. What makes the e-ink tablet special is its read and write functions. Take notes on the same device you use to read your book. Write in your calendar just as you would with pen and paper, with the special surface and stylus giving an authentic feel. The Mobiscribe e-ink tablet experience is a combination of the ease of jotting notes and the convenience of having a packed tablet filled with your favorite books and your calendar, with everything neatly organized and searchable.