Mobiscribe Cover
Mobiscribe Cover

Mobiscribe Cover

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  • MobiScribe Cover consists of thin and firm shock absorbent material which protects the device with no additional bulk

  • Cover features magnetic closure, snaps on easily when closed

  • Light weight and Non-Slip Texture

  • Simple adhesive to attach the MobiScribe to start protecting your device immediately

Customer Reviews

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Cody Knight
Not a bad cover but overpriced for what you get

Cover works well enough, the fact that it has to be taped to the Mobiscribe is unfortunate and the cover doesn't sit very flat against the device. $25 is a bit high for what you get

David Jones

My MobiScribe cover works quite well. Holds its shape and protects my MobiScribe.

Diane Henderson

Mobiscribe Cover

Mobiscribe Cover is OK

The cover is just OK. I will have prefer a cover that protect the device by wrapping the corners instead of just tapping into it. I think the cover is OK but can be improved.

Good title

Overall, it is a good cover. But I think it could be better. There is a place to literally stick with adhesive the mobiscrive to the case. I don't use that because I am worried it will break the mobiscribe if I remove it or want to use it without the case. Adding some corner clips where it would slide or snap in would make the case a 5-Star case.


Your Permanent, Unlimited Notebook

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The MobiScribe Story

We want to help people be more creative.

The MobiScribe Origin is designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts. Better promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

Our concept behind MobiScribe Origin is a return to the origin of handwriting thoughts and ideas, which is unfortunately lost in today's society.

Product Comparison

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E-Ink Technology
Long Battery Life
Adjustable Front Light
WACOM Stylus
Android-based OS
Expandable Storage