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The Origin E-ink Reader + 2 Origin Covers

The Origin E-ink Reader + 2 Origin Covers

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What’s in the box: 1 MobiScribe Origin E-Reader, 1 Stylus, 2 Origin Covers, 3 Replacement Tips, 1 Tip Remover.

Replaceable tips can be removed with supplied tweezers

CPU: Quad-Core 1.8GHz
System RAM: 2GB
Internal Storage: 32GB
Dimension: 5.19 x 6.8in x 0.38in
Interface: USB-C
System: Android 8.1
Display: E INK Carta | 1440x1080 pixels | 265dpi
Handwriting: WACOM EMR 4096 levels
Battery: 2050mAH
*Not Waterproof, No Bluetooth, No Speakers and there is no layer option in the notes app with this device. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Jorge Arroyo
A shame it’s no longer supported.

Mobiscribe needs to support this wonderful reader and note taking device. Update the system with the latest security patch and give it some love. I know the Wave is the “new” thing but it’s bigger and there’s space for a smaller more portable device. For me this size is perfect to take out and about.

And update the notes with layers and some better organization. No need to “push” people to buy your new products by neglecting your old ones. You’re only harming your customers!

Matt Unger
one cover

only received one cover per order.

Moisés Rodríguez
Used ebook wirhout the tips and another complements

Its used and i buyed the new product. There is not response to the mails.

Joseph Fisher
Don't Lose What You Have!

Maybe I'm an outlier but the reason why I bought the Origin was because of its small size. I wanted something small that I could take with me anywhere. I'm a big fan of eink and use a Tab X in my daily professional life, but use the Origin to take with me anywhere and write down quick notes. I'd actually be interested if you went even smaller and made the eink equivalent of a Field Notes notepad. So I'm a little disappointed to see the size of your tablets getting bigger and adding color. I think eink companies are trying to get to a place where they can replace an iPad, but I think there's room in the market for a company that goes the other direction and makes something simple, useable, and pocket sized.

Great eink tablet

I have the original kickstarter Mobiscribe which I love but the kindle app is a bit cumbersome on it. So I got the Origin, kindle works great on it and of course the note taking is fantastic. I was able within 2 days to get the play store activated on it. It's the perfect size for holding to read and note taking. I also have a Boox Onyx Nova 7.8" screen which is just a tad too big for me. This is a great eink tablet at a very affordable price.