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MobiScribe Wave - Color | 7.8" 64GB Waterproof E-Reader + Cover

MobiScribe Wave - Color | 7.8" 64GB Waterproof E-Reader + Cover

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Introducing the MobiScribe WAVE Color with Kaleido Plus Display, the latest addition to the MobiScribe family of e-ink tablets! This device is designed to provide you with the ultimate digital writing and drawing experience, with the added bonus of a stunning color display.

Featuring a 7.8-inch Kaleido Plus color e-ink screen, the MobiScribe WAVE Color delivers 6 colors in the notes app and 4096 colors in apps and the e-reader, or when adding images to notes.

Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. With the MobiScribe WAVE Color, you can take notes, make sketches, or write directly on the screen using the included stylus. And with its advanced handwriting recognition technology, the device can convert your handwritten notes into digital text, making it easy to search and edit your notes later on.

The MobiScribe WAVE Color also features Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity along with the addition of layers in notes and upgraded cover options! 

What's in the Box: 1 MobiScribe WAVE Color E-Reader, 1 Stylus, 1 WAVE Cover, 3 Replacement Tips, 1 Tip Remover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mathilde Juilland
J'adore !

Je n'ai pas encore découvert tout ce qu'elle recèle mais j'adore ma nouvelle liseuse-bloc-notes-agenda, en couleurs et d'un format très pratique : ni trop grande, ni trop petite, suffisamment légère pour être emportée partout !

Ludmila Milotova
Worthy company

I am chronically disorganised with paper and I wanted a device that would allow me to read and make notes. I wanted a device that would fit in my handbag and I could easily carry it around from the meetings to the train and to the playground. After 2 weeks of testing MobiScribe definitely ticks those boxes. PROS:
- smooth writting experience with possibility to use color pens to highlight on the go
- possibility to dowload apps in google Playstore
- sufficient battery life and fast charging
- a sturdy case and good pen is part of the package - very good portability

- missing user manual (or I have not found it yet)
- patchy performance of dowloaded apps (e.g. OneNote)
- not possible to combine different template pages in one notebook (it would be nice to have e.g. a check list on page 1 and then blank page on page 2...)

Overall, I am happy with my purchase! And I hope that the CONS will get tackled in the future updates.

Hyrum Cannon Smith
A workhorse that gets things done

I own the Remarkable 1 and 2, Supernote A5, and the Kindle Scribe. The Mobiscribe is the notepad that I take with me everywhere. It is the first e-ink notepad that I go to. Its size and versatility mean I use it for most of my note-taking. It has completely replaced the Supernote and Remarkable. I continue using the Scribe for reading at home and long writing sessions.

I use Mobiscribe primarily as a notetaker/organizer/planner/and reader.

The script to text, for my handwriting at least, is only equaled by one of the more expensive notepads. The Kindle application works flawlessly. I can send notes directly to Evernote. The large memory lets me store reference books and materials. The calendar function allows the creation of events, notes, and daily memos. It also connects to the Google Calendar.

The Mobiscribe comes with a pen and cover. There are no hidden or add-on charges. The strategy of Mobiscribe is to provide good service at a moderate price. The more expensive notepads may be faster or do some things better. Except for the Kindle Scribe, they are also more complicated. However, the Mobiscribe has been able to do everything I needed. There is nothing that can match Mobiscribe in its price range.

Reviewers stress the latest, fastest, and flashiest. The Mobiscribe prioritizes usefulness.

Finally, the support is unparalleled. Mobiscribe contacted me to confirm my address. They responded within hours when I asked (an unnecessary) question about the setup. Their reply contained precisely the information I needed.

My suggestions for future editions would be a faster processor and a more modern color version. But I would prioritize keeping the low price. The Mobiscribe does everything I need to do at a price I can afford. The Mobiscribe is the notepad for those who want to get things done.

I am a very satisfied customer.

Ronald Ashwell
Easy to use😄

I enjoy how easy everything is able to navigate and systematically to use.

I do wish it was a little larger like 8 by 10 . Thank you for providing what I have .

Ognyan Kostadinov

MobiScribe WAVE - Color + WAVE Cover